Recent Work

The Critical Vote

The Critical Vote

A data driven told story on Pan-democratic Camp's performance in exercising their "Critical Votes".


The Great Escape

Stories of people participating in the great escape to Hong Kong.

More than a nuisance

More than a nuisance

A multimedia report on urban noise in China. Collaberated with Fred Lai & Julianna Wu.

Bike Lanes in HK

Bicyle lanes in HK

A project concerning the feasibility of Hong Kong becoming a cycling-friendly city.


HK Rainstorm Warning Signals 1998-2018

Visualization of Hong Kong rainstorm warning signals in two recent decades. To answer, what is the trend of rainstorm warning signals issued? Which levels of signals were issued and their durations? Where are the most outstanding cases? Data source | Python Code

Macau Temperatures 2015

Visualization of temperatures in 2015, Macau SAR, against history low and high from 2005-2014 Python Code

Income-Dependents Relationship

Visualization of dependents per labour force in rural areas, China, with data from 2002 to 2012 Python Code

Fatal Cases in HK 1950-2017

Reported cases invovling killing in HK during the years 1950-2017

Data source | Python Code

Classic Tetris Game

Written with Processing2 Repo here

Other Reportage

中醫供過於求 準醫師憂慮前景 link Sept 2017
社區互助經濟 區議會支持不足 link Apr 2017
本土字體成抗爭平台 設計師盼引港人思考 link Mar 2017
缺乏條例監管 寮屋消防靠自發 link Jan 2017

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